What others don’t tell you
about internship


Many people would say the same thing about their internship. They wish they could have done something different. Find a mentor. Work harder. Make friends.  So don’t want to miss out the opportunities that your internship can bring you. Check out the list below.

#1. There is a good chance you can get the return offer.
Here is what you should know: many people who get the good jobs (investment banking department or management consulting) don’t get them through normal job applications. Rather, they get them by performing during their internship. Many of my friends worked their ass off during their internships. Not surprisingly, almost all of them get return offers from their employers: investment banks, management consulting firms, and the like. 
#2. It’s so easy to exceed expectations when everyone expects you to be an “intern”.
Here are two types of interns. One type thinks: I’m just an intern, so I will perform like an intern. This company pays me shit, so I’m going to perform accordingly. The other type thinks: I want to perform like the people working here. This is what I’m here for. If they OT, then I’m going to see what I can help them out with. 
You will meet these two types of interns all the time. Here is what they don’t tell you about internship, if you perform at the whole level, it’s quite hard to miss you. 
Insider tips: The best time to perform when no one else expects you to – this is how you exceed expectations. I once asked a partner what his secret for success is, he said: always try to exceed expectations. 
#3. You can find a mentor for the life time. 
People regret not meeting enough people and most importantly the good people and good leaders. Here is a tip: leader is action not position. Yes, many people who are in high position get there by being a leader. So, it’s up to you how you grasp that opportunity to get their feedback and advice by developing a lasting relationship. 
#4. You can develop a rich network.
Alex is a typical “connector”. He likes to bring people together. He started organizing drinks and events during his internship at a small bank. He didn’t come from a target school. Today he works at a fund house. And, he still organizes drinks. Except that the people he brings with him are investors, fund managers who work in the major investment banks, private equity firms, and venture capital. 
Insider Tips: If you like to meet different people, try bringing people together. Organizing events is one of the easy ways to get yourself noticed. 
#5. You will understand the in and out of an industry.
My associate worked at a corporate bank that she has no idea what the job was about. University doesn’t teach this, she told me. After that internship, she can draw out a diagram what corporate bank is all about. Obviously, she has made an effort to understand the industry and that knowledge will follow her. And when I find an associate that can explain something or teach me something confidently, it leaves me a good impression. Knowledge build upon knowledge.
#6. You will get closer to your dream.
Knowing what you don’t like is one of they ways to figure out what you like to do. My associate studied Finance at a target school. She learned that she does not like boring, static, routine stuff. She likes things that are a bit more dynamic and impactful. She can learn things quickly and handle uncertainty, and complex problem solving. That’s why she chose management consulting. And that’s why I think she will be doing good.  
#7. Referral letter and other internship opportunity.
Referral letter is usually what interns are after. But honestly, I think internship is more than that. And, once you get the first internship on your CV, it will find it 10 times easier to get the next internship (assuming you present it professionally. Or subscribe for a free proven CV template tested in investment banking and management consulting.) 
I hope you find the above tips helpful. But here is the thing about taking initiatives: You will face obstacles. You might hear criticism. You will hit the walls. And the most important thing: even if you do all these things, there is no guarantees that you will be successful. You don’t get to choose the outcome. But you get to choose your behavior. 

CareerTipsHK: I hope you get to read this before your internship or at the beginning of your internship. Please try these tips out and let me know how things work out. Currently we are offering five free CV health checks on a weekly basis. Please feel free to write us with any questions that you may have regarding graduate jobs or internships.

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