Ernst & Young (EY) Consulting Senior Associate / 安永咨詢收入


Job Rating 平均得分

  • 9
  • 8
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9

Base & Bonus 底薪+獎金

  • HKD 25k
  • HKD 35-40k
  • HKD 70-80k

Job Description

Key Highlights 精采回顧

Tenure / 在職時間: 5 years

Tasks / 工作內容: Led team, managed projects, interview people, managed staff, clients, and bosses…

What I like / 喜歡的東西: Work is highly challenging and ever changing.
High exposure to senior stakeholders and businesses from different industries. Always learning new things and sometimes traveling.

What I dislike / 不喜歡的東西: Internal politics. Unrealistic expectations from above. Decreasing strategy work in Hong Kong.

My advice to people who want to join the firm or industry / 我對想加入這家公司或行業的人的建議: Be good at getting feedback, acting on them, and communicating how you have worked on them. Know the difference between reality and perception. It’s your job to let other people know what you have done. And, it’s never-ending…

My advice to the management / 我對管理層的建議: Continue to focus on investing time and money on people. Avoid favoritism. Listen to staff more.

Source: Median Household Income 2017;
Image Credit: bgtrotter



I added the median household income just for fun. Part I want to remind this friend never forget the law of attraction and be grateful while he strives for excellence. We will continue to work on career tips that work in Hong Kong. 
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