Human Resources Intern /


Job Rating 平均得分

  • 6
  • 8
  • 8
  • 4
  • 5

Base & Bonus 底薪+獎金

  • HKD 1-5k
  • N/A

Job Description

Key Highlights 精采回顧

Tenure / 在職時間: 1-3 months

Tasks / 工作內容: coordinated campus recruitment activities; supported both on and off cycle recruitment process; screening candidates, interview arrangement, and onboarding.

What I like / 喜歡的東西: The boss is great, usually we will have team lunch every day. The colleagues are supportive, most of the duties are divided fairly. They are willing to help new interns to adapt to the new working environment by sharing their past experience.

What I dislike / 不喜歡的東西: Loads of paperwork and sometimes you have to work overtime during peak season.

My advice to people who want to join the firm or industry / 我對想加入這家公司或行業的人的建議: N/A

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