Learning & Development Intern / 德勤學習與進修部門實習收入


Job Satisfaction 滿意度

  • 4
  • 8
  • 6
  • 3
  • 2

Base & Bonus 底薪+獎金

  • HKD 1-5k
  • N/A

Job Description

Insider Tips 內幕消息

Tenure / 在職時間: 1-3 months

Tasks / 工作內容: CPD data input. Managed the training center and kept it tidy. Solved the inquiries of the problems regarding CPD record.

What I like / 喜歡的東西: The senior are willing to teach the new joiners, training on learning cycle will be provided by your manager in the first week. The workload is reasonable and you can leave on time almost every day.

What I dislike / 不喜歡的東西: The way of doing is old school, the colleagues are mostly 70s so they are quite stubborn on the way of doing and do not want to try out new approaches even it is much more efficient. The work is tedious and required lots of patience.

My advice to people who want to join the firm or industry / 我對想加入這家公司或行業的人的建議: N/A

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